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Do you already have a TEM solution or services? (frustrated?)
Our TEM ProServices specialists can assist as an independent advisor. From first “picking a solution” to “picking a TEM provider (RFP or not), TEMteam can provide the independent advocacy and knowledge that could save you both time and money prior to heading down the TEM journey. Project recoveries are also our speciality in case you have already started down the path.

Have you identified your own goals and objectives for your TEM program?
There are a myriad of goals for a TEM process: Savings, communications optimisation, Auditing, Accounting simplification, Supply Chain clarity, etc. A combination of objectives is possible, but changing the path of your TEM journey in mid-stream could actually cost you both time and money. Again, TEMteam’s independent advocacy and knowledge could mitigate this risk.

Have you considered the scope for your TEM program?

Scope is equally important as your organization’s structure and local regulations may force you to de-scope certain regions in mid-stream. Let TEMteam help mitigate that risk.

Have you identified your own, key internal stakeholders for TEM success? 
There are a myriad of places and people from where a TEM process may be conceived: CEO, CTO, Voice Governance Teams, Supply Chain, IT, etc.  A successful execution requires your internal identification of:

  • Power Sponsors: those (regardless of their job title)  w/ influence or authority to realize the program, even if it is not budgeted. Those who can & will negotiate the steps leading to deployment.

  • and Business Sponsors: those who can generate the appropriate information feeds to enable data flow: (CFO, COO, CIO, Supply Chain, Accounting, Voice Governance, IT, etc.) TEMteam’s independent advocacy is a powerful ally.

Have you been able to select the best solution for your business?
TEM providers are also in a state of continuous lifecycle change. Don’t fall prey to strong sales & marketing teams backed by weak operational teams. How well does the TEM solution match your own business processes? Do you need Software as a Service (SaaS), host & load, audit, procurement, full management, or some sort of hybrid of these services? Transformational integrators by nature, TEMteam’s experts can help.