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Digital Transformation Glue

August 30, 2017


There is a lot of hype today about digital transformation. Unfortunately, it means different things to different people and companies. Historically, the spoken word was the first method of transmission of agreements and that “my word is my bond” seemed to “seal the deal”. “My word” actually contains two distinct business engagement principles:

  1. My” implies positive and distinct "identification" of the person/entity who accepts responsibility for their contractual agreement

  2. Word”implies a verbal promise to fulfil that agreement (which is never considered in a court of law)

“my word” has evolved into an arduous task transcribing of those spoken words into contracts, deals, proposals, etc.

  • Verbal Agreements

  • Napkin Strategies

  • Delivery programs started prior to contract signature

  • even blockchain smart contracts going forwards

It is important not to omit the age-old business practices of voice. Voice is where identification, interaction, collaboration and transactions are paramount. Why do Conference calls always seem to end with “who is taking the notes and will write up the minutes?” and “who is on the call?” without regard for the answer.


All of this is why TEMteam feels that Mobile Voice must be an integral part of any core-functionality to leverage “digital transformation”.


As an example, Rich or enhanced voice communications should have equal priority to the overall path towards a virtualised network infrastructure. 

Enhancing voice with additional capabilities, such as presence, context and team-based features adds value and provides a more integrated and flexible experience. 


Finally, the "virtual extensions" that can be mapped to mobile phones, are also useful:

  • for Inventory maintenance by TEM companies

  • for provisioning by internal supply chains

  • for Inventory by MDM, MAM, EMM, etc. providers

  • for in-house chat & file Xfer (no Skype/Whatsapp/etc.)

  • as a perfect way of separating chargeable/non-chargeable business/personal records on BYO Devices! (all corporate calls "on-net".

  • as a unique identifier for employees

  • as a Single-Sign-on (SSO) identifier for all intranet apps.

  • and the list goes on


In conclusion, When considering any digital transformation, prioritize Voice and some form of Cloud-PBX or Virtual-PBX "Switchboard" at the core to literally serve as your "Transformational Glue". TEMteam can help.

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