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Do you need help with Data and providing best mobile data experience?

  • Smartphone penetration (and mobile data) is growing rapidly.

  • Data usage is increasingly driven by "on-net calling" (WhatsApp, Skype, FB Messenger, Googletalk, etc.)

  • Users want to use data without worrying about unexpected costs whether at home or abroad

  • MVNE's such as TEMteam are your closest ally

Do you need help with Convergence, Combining fixed and mobile?

  • Customers increasing demand for converged services – i.e. bundle fixed and mobile services together under a single contract – to easily share content between their mobile phone, tablet, laptop or TV

  • This demand drives data usage, which in turn requires the combination of mobile and fibre infrastructure

Do you need help with your Enterprise expertise?

  • Understanding Enterprise integrated connectivity requirements?

  • How to offer secure and reliable mobile and fixed solutions to Enterprise specifications?

  • Clarifying the blurred lines between mobile, fixed and IT for Enterprises?

Do you need strategic insight into the rapidly evolving technologies and practices?

  • 5G and services, IoT, Blockchain, AI & Chatbots and how they all play together?

  • Identity Management (bot human and IoT)?

  • Convergence